Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Choked On...

Who are the Romanovs?
Who is Miss Havisham?
What is Lake Ontario?
Who is Cate Blanchett?

Those are four of the questions I know I got wrong on the on-line Jeopardy contestant quiz.

But I got Beyonce right for sure.


Anonymous said...

Thanks - I forgot all about this. Luckily, the west coast test is Thursday.


yellojkt said...

I hope they give you different answers since I just gave you four.

Anonymous said...

No worries, I'm pretty sure they have different sets of clues for each region.

I don't remember the one for Cate Blanchett, but I believe the clues for the others you mentioned went something like:

Nicholas was the last member of this Russian ruling family. (Choked on that one too, I put Bolsheviks)

Easternmost of the Great Lakes. (Also choked on that one, typed Huron at the last second)

I did get Miss Havisham (that's how I found your blog) but I don't remember the clue.

Here are a few more clues based on what I can remember and the answers I gave:

Half __________ Alaska (baked)

Author of first detective story (I put Poe)

Midwest state whose abbreviation is also a preposition (Indiana, missed that one)

Only element named after a state (Californium)

Second-largest island after Greenland (I put Madagascar)

Country whose name is Latin for freedom (I put Liberia)

Composer of the Four Seasons (I put Vivaldi)

Something about a female mystery novelist who was on the bestseller list last year... I put Agatha Christie

Novel featuring the characters Topsy and Simon Legree (stumped me)

Updated version of this musical has the Sharks singing in Spanish (I put West Side Story)

Bonnie prince ______ (I put William)

Shall I compare thee to (a summer's day)

Former female slave who helped others gain freedom and is honoured with a postage stamp (I put Harriet Tubman)

statues from the Parthenon are named for this British lord (?)

homophones meaning amusing and armbone (humorous and humerus)

Planet for which Beethoven's powerful last symphony is named (I guessed Mars)

Storyteller of the Arabian Nights (Scheherazade but I couldn't remember)

Toy which the manufacturer asked presidential approval to produce (Teddy Bear)

If anyone else can remember any more clues I'd appreciate it... 35 or more correct responses puts you in the running I think.

Anonymous said...

lol... oh yeh and I got Sasha Fierce too

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Prince Charlie. Not William.


yellojkt said...

The female mystery writer is Patricia Cornwell. The Washington Post had a review that morning that I hadn't read yet. I may have misspelled it.

Simon Legree is Uncle Tom's Cabin. Missed that.

New Guinea is second largest island. I had guessed Malaysia.

The Parthenon statues are the Elgin. I guessed Elegic, I think.

I guessed Jupiter for the symphony.

All the rest mentioned I think I got.

Rich Boye said...

what was the answer for the symphony? (I put jupiter also)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

No chance for me. I failed the online registration instructions.