Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Duh News

In further proof that I have waaaay too much time on my hands, I have started yet another blog. Called No Duh News, it is devoted to those news stories that have made me stop in shock and slap my forehead screaming "No Duh!" Or at least mumble "Of course."

The format is a blog title that is the headline of an actual news story somewhere, a quote from the article that states something profoundly obvious and a quick sarcastic comment from me. So, it's basically what I do all day long anyways.

I started the blog at the beginning of the year as a project in beta. I have redone the template twice and changed the name once (adios, The No Duh Awards which was a take on The Darwin Awards, but I like the succinctness of No Duh News better). For nearly a month now I have managed to find several items a week worthy of my notice. If you haven't been reading it (and absolutely nobody has) you have missed such epic revelations as:
Here's where you come in. First of all, subscribe to the blog because it's mildly amusing, has quick, easy to read posts (which in and of itself is a huge differentiator from Foma*), and you have nothing better to do.

Then, e-mail me tips with news stories that have made you go "No Duh!" I have even set up a special e-mail hotline for just that purpose at noduhnews -AT- gmail -DOT- com. And I will be sure to pass along the news and the credit.

No duh!


Anonymous said...

When I worked at the school newspaper in college, one of my jobs was coming up with headlines for wire service stories. One night we were running a story as a newsbrief about research into the precise window in a woman's menstrual cycle when she was most fertile, but the newsbrief headlines were quite short and I was having a hard time coming up with something pithy. Finally I just threw up my hands and used "Scientists find link between sex, pregnancy". I still think it's my finest work.

yellojkt said...

Classic, Josh. That's the kind of hard-hitting reporting that inspired this blog.

Now explain my poor eyesight and hairy palms.

Mooselet said...

Hey now - I've been reading it since I knew you had it, which is when you changed something over on Facebook and I went "oh, another blog". You need to tell us these things.

I often find myself yelling at a paper or online version, saying "No sh*t Sherlock", or words to the effect. I'll be sure to send you the links next time I come across such mockery.

As for your poor eyesight and hairy palms... yeah, ain't touching that. :-)

Michael from dadcation.com said...

Hmm. Yeah, these are not surprising stories.