Thursday, January 29, 2009

Giga-Inauguration Fun

(Click on picture for full image in a browseable new window.)

The other day the Achenblog linked to this amazing Gigapan picture of the inauguration ceremony. It is 1,474 megapixels large and was stitched from 220 different images. You can zoom down to the individual person in the crowd. It’s like spying on people. So I screen captured a few familiar and not-so-familiar faces and made some guesses as to what they were saying or thinking at that very moment.

Dubya: Can we just get this over with? I have some longnecks in Midland with my name on them that I have to get to.
Cheney: I’m going to get that George Bailey if it’s the last thing I do.

Michelle: That man is sooooo fine. And he is getting lucky tonight.

Bill Clinton: Can anyone see me scoping out Michelle?
Hillary Clinton: If you had just kept your big mouth shut, that would have been me.

Al Gore: So this is what one of these ceremonies looks like. Enjoy your moment in the sun kid, but call me when YOU have a Nobel Peace Prize.
Tipper Gore: Sigh. Would Michelle mind if I ‘borrowed’ him for a night?

John Roberts: He’s going to make me do it again. I just know it.
John Paul Stevens: Is it safe for me to die now?
Clarence Thomas: Wake me when it’s over.

Cameraman: Doing the crowd shots at Mardi Gras is much, much better.

Guy: Yeah, I know Obama is the other direction. I’ve got four more years of looking at his mug.
Girl: How did I even get dragged down here? I could be somewhere warm and indoors instead.

Bandmember: Yo-Yo Ma gets to play a backing track, but I’ve gotta hold this brass horn for two hours. Life is not fair.

Groupie: Front row center is so worth it.

Random Person In Crowd: I got up at 4 a.m. for this view?

Secret Service Agent: If anything happens today, we are all so fired.

Barack Obama: That is MISTER President to you from now on.

BonusTimeWaster™: Find in the giga-image where I took all my captures.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I like the hierarchy of who got the deluxe padded wingback chairs vs who got the metal folding chairs. You woulda thought Clinton would have at least scored a good one.

Sharon said...

That picture is cool! Thanks for sharing.

drey said...

Way cool! =)