Thursday, June 25, 2009

D Is For Dumb Like A Fox

What do these three politicians have in common?

(courtesy Media Matters)

(from bjkeefe's blog)

(from Brad's Blog)

a) Involved in a Scandal
b) Identified as a Democrat (D) by Fox News
c) Really a Republican
d) All of the Above

The answer is of course (d). It takes three examples to support a trend and the eagle-eyed editors and commenters at Wonkette have been keeping track of this peculiarly distinctive Fox faux pas.

So what causes America's premier right-leaning network to continually make this kind of mistake?

a) When there is a scandal, the way to bet is Democratic. Just take Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards and the king mack-daddy of tearful confessions Bill Clinton. So they get a few wrong.
b) Just another page from The Goebbels Guide To The Big Lie taken to a subliminal level.
c) Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by incompetence.
d) Any or all of the above.

We mock, you decide.


byoolin said...

"Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by incompetence.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me three times, and we can reasonably assume you're not actually incompetent boobs, but lying scumsucking sleazeball pusbags.

I know: as an aphorism it's pretty unwieldy. For a more portable version I carry around the much more compact, "Those fucking Fox fuckers." (But you can't talk like that in church.)

yellojkt said...

There is a Gawker story on how Fox bungled covering the Sanford press conference. Bungling idiots or ass-covering water-carriers? It doesn't have to be an either/or choice.

A Free Man said...

I don't understand why anyone watches Fox News.

Cat said...

The beauty of the Faux News' incorrectly identifying these Republicans as Democrats is their viewers don't recognize the "mistake" because they are idiots.