Sunday, October 11, 2009

If I Were Gay

Today is National Coming Out Day and while I have nothing to announce, I just want to share this video clip which is Bert and Ernie mashed up with my fourth favorite Avenue Q song.

My absolute favorite Avenue Q song is still "The Internet Is For Porn" in its many incarnations. Coming in second and third respectively are "Everybody's A Little Bit Racist" and "You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love)". Now ranking your favorite Avenue Q songs could be considered a little bit gay, but not nearly as gay as Noel Fielding from the Britcom "Mighty Boosh".

Now a good blogfriend insists that Noel is straight and I have no reason to doubt it. After all, I also indulge in activities that make people suspect my orientation. On a recent trip to New York I did all of the following things in a single twelve hour period:
  • Had brunch in Chelsea.
  • Saw Next To Normal, which is not gay in and of itself but hanging around the stage door afterwards for autographs is a little suspicious.
  • Went to a cabaret show at Don't Tell Mama. This could have been a lot gayer since our perform was an ostensibly straight Latina. While waiting at the bar we did see the Judy Garland performer come in sans drag.
  • Ogled Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig in a show with aforementioned post-show stalking.
  • Staked out Jude Law leaving his performance just because we were there.
Throw in my love for Glee and my nearly complete lack of interest in professional sports and the case against me grows. But it's not like I'm Lyle The Effeminate Heterosexual. But then it's not like most of the gay men I know are particularly swishy. There were two gay guys in my wedding party, The Greatest Roommate Ever and The World's Biggest Cher Fan (who saw her 'farewell' tour three times, which even he admits is pretty gay). For those long-time readers of this blog, through the miracle of Facebook, my wife has hunted down WBCF who is living in New York. On the day after my Big Gay Day described above, we met for brunch in the East Village (which is hardly gay at all any more) to catch up.

Since we last saw him twenty years ago, he has bounced around in a few careers and then learned he had leukemia while uninsured. He seems to have licked it but it took three years of his life and all his life savings to do so. He is now couch surfing in Brooklyn while training to become a social worker.

And here is where the Very Special part of this post comes in. There is much more to life than sexual orientation. Health and friends and self-worth are much more important than who you want to sleep with. Someday I hope there is no need for a Coming Out Day. We should all be appreciated for who we are and not who we like.

And just to mellow out, let's have one more YouTube clip. And this time let's all sing it with the kick-steps.


Read/Think/Live said...

In the future, there won't be "black people" and "white people" because we'll be blended and there will be so many different varieties that we'll get tired of making up categories. Same with sexuality, because "gay" and "straight" are somewhat bogus. Younger people today are a lot more flexible, going in and out of straight, gay, bi, transgender, etc. It's all just behavior, isn't it? It's what we DO, not what we ARE. And since sexuality will always be to some extent PRIVATE (bedrooms have doors for a reason...) I'm quite sure that if we don't blow up the planet or all die off from some dreadful disease, we will eventually come to terms with this sexuality issue.

Love is the answer, as always. Celebrating each other for our differences, not just "tolerating" people who are different from us!

BTW, Noel Fielding has said in an interview that he is open to having sex with men, and has tried it but it didn't work for him. He lived with Robots in Disguise band member Dee Plume for at least six years; I'm not sure if they are together now or not. Nobody really thinks Russell "shagger-of-the-year" Brand is gay, right?

Well, Noel is like Russ, only prettier and more secure about his sexuality.

courtney said...

I love that your tags for this post are "gay", and "sex".

Carry on.

yellojkt said...

I knew someone could say what I was trying to much more eloquently than I did. Also, thanks for all the background on Noel Fielding. Wikipedia was less than useful.

Most of my tags are just inside jokes for me. I'm glad someone else appreciates them.