Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Mystery

It's not typical for me to be able to play Where Is Yellojkt Now? two weeks in a row, but I am on the road again. Her are more pictures and clues for where I am this week. To win you need to give the state, city and street where these pictures were taken.

It's not THE Capitol, but this capitol on Capitol Street sure looks familiar.

While not anywhere near the city limits, this street is a center for live music.

The bionic man doesn't live here, but another Steve, Stevie Ray Vaughn is a local hero. Blues is a popular format including J. T. Coldfire pictured here.

Rod Stewart may not play here, but Maggie Mae's is a local landmark. As is the Blind Pig Pub where Joe Vega plays every night except Monday's and alternate Thursdays.

I would be very impressed is somebody can solve this without Googling any of the bars or performers mentioned. Go ahead and leave your guesses in the comments or check out this Flickr set to more clues (as well as the answer).


Steampunk T said...

Austin, TX.


Bob said...

Almost positive the first shot is looking down Broad Street in Philly, which would make that Billy Penn up there on top of the rotunda.

Bob said...

The above might be the stupidest thing I've ever said. It's not even close.

Anonymous said...

The flag in the middle of the second photo would have been the big clue if I hadn't already heard.


yellojkt said...

Austin it is. It's hard to take a picture in that city without getting a Texas flag or a UT longhorn in the shot.

yellojkt said...

But nobody has named the street yet.

Anonymous said...

6th Street


A Free Man said...

Looks like the only city in Texas that is worth visiting to me...