Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Factory Tour

I drew the short straw and got named as the company representative for a boring, overly technical factory tour. Fortunately the social part of the trip included a much more interesting factory tour. So it once again time to play "Where Is Yellojkt Now?" Check out the hints and pictures (I apologize for the fuzzy quality of my sad Palm Treo lens) below to see if you can name the state, city, and company that I was at tonight.

This fiberglass horse is overlooking a fine mountain stream running through the woods. If you ford the stream, you'd find plenty of real horses.

We do the mash, the sour mash. Sorry, that was really corny.

That is a fine kettle of, well, not fish you've got me in. In fact, I am really steamed.

I don't know jack about barrels but these are in high spirits. Those aren't concord grapes in those casks.

Roll out the barrel and let's have a barrel of fun. The proof is in the sipping. 90.4 proof that is. Reserve me a bottle.

I just wish that I could fit a fifth or two in my carry-on bag for the flight back.


Gwyn said...

Yellojkt is in Versailles, Kentucky on a visit to the Woodford Reserve Distillery.

Nice clues! Can't resist a puzzle.

yellojkt said...

Excellent. The 'Concord' clue was to direct toward Lexington which also would have been acceptable.

'Jack' was a red herring to trick people into thinking it was the Jack Daniels plant.

Gwyn said...

What do I win? :)

"Jack" did mislead me at first, but the Googled images didn't look right.

Jumper said...

Rats. You should have reported on the Hidden Secrets of the Thumper. I can say no more.

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