Thursday, August 06, 2009

Anthropology Smack-Down

Fails To Verify The Mother-Fucking Hypothesis
Wait Until Dr Zaius Finds Out About This

Through the miracle of Facebook, I learned the a high-school classmate of mind was on The Daily Show last night. He's the NYU anthropology professor with the world's shortest mohawk refuting the claim that orangutans, not chimpanzees, are our closest primate relative:

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And to think that thirty years ago he and I were researching the diplomatic positions of Gabon for the Model United Nations. Now I am an HVAC engineer and he is an academic giant worthy of some gentle mocking by a parody news-show. I'm glad to see we have both overcome our gawky geeky teenage roots.

And in the chimp-orangutan spat, I'm on Team Bonobo.

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Jeff said...

That's awesome. I watched that episode the other night and thought it was funny as hell. Always fun to see an old acquaintance make prime time.