Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fries Are NOT A Condiment

What I originally planned as a daytrip turned into a weekend getaway. Having exhausted most tourist destinations (particularly the ones with air conditioning) within a two-hour radius, we headed west for Three Rivers City. Our first stop in Pittsburgh was the famous Primanti Brothers where the sandwiches are famous for coming with the sides between the slices of bread instead of on the plate.

Each sandwich comes with French fries and coleslaw as condiments. The fries are thick cut and hot. The coleslaw is crisp and tangy. The overall effect is delicious if a little odd-looking. This approach to all-in-one eating does make for a rather un-photogenic meal.

Rather than getting the Pitts-burgher which is labeled as their “second biggest seller”, I went with a roast beef sandwich which was quite tasty in its own right. When I asked the waiter what the top seller was, he pointed to my pint glass of Yuengling and said “You’ll be drinking it in about five seconds.”

As we ate our way across the city, I could fill my arteries hardening and my waistline expanding. Sure enough, when I got home I had put on two pounds from just a weekend trip. I can’t imagine what would happen to me if I lived there.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Even the salads at Primanti's come with french fries in them. Good, but weird. When I visit my sister, we eat wonderful, cheap, mostly Italian food. The best place is The Villa, north of Pittsburgh in Cadogan (near Ford City and Kittanning).


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Fries are so a condiment!

Stamps foot and munches on Corned beef and cheese. I see you were in Market Square...

yellojkt said...

We hit Market Square, the Strip District (I don' know why they call it that, we only saw one strip bar), and Oakland.