Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama and Me On Vacation

I have semi-serious goal of going to all the restaurants that Obama makes the news by eating at. So far I've added to my collection Ben's Chili Bowl, Hell Burger, and B. Smith among others. Now it seems that Obama is taking a lead from me and going on vacation the same places I have been. For example, we both went to Yellowstone this summer.

Well, we weren't exactly there at the same time. I was there near the end of July and he and his family passed through last week. Here I am grinning like a goof while my wife takes a picture:

And here is Obama for his photo-op where he said: “That’s pretty cool.” Not exactly as great as "this is a great wall" from Nixon but it'll do.

From there, the Obamas skipped over to the Grand Canyon where we went three years ago. Here is me and my son on the edge of the canyon:


And here is Obama and his kids:

That picture was taken at Hopi Point where I got some great pictures of condors hanging around.

And later in this month, he will be heading off to Martha's Vineyard (where I did some serious lighthouse hunting last year). If he wants some ice cream, he should get the lobster flavor at Ben & Bills in Oak Bluffs.


A Free Man said...

The president is stalking you. Or is it the other way around?

DemetriosX said...

Nixon said, "Truly, this is a great wall." I think the truly makes all the difference. And you have to hear it in his voice in your head.

And lobster ice cream? Ewwwwww!

yellojkt said...

Free Man,
It's more of a mutual stalking society. But Obama has a lot more resources at his disposal.

You're right. Meat and dairy should not be mixed this way.