Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Yesterday about 2 pm, after I posted, I got hit by about 36 visitors in one hour. All of the referring URL's came from the domain. I must have hit some sort of jackpot in the random site generator. Then just as quickly, the blogstorm went away. The sad part is that I got more hits and pageviews than when I actually went out and solicited them.

The phenomena puzzles me and I wonder what triggered it and how often I can expect it to occur. Most hits were just pass throughs, but a few lingered and read a little. I do a little random blog surfing and link through the keywords just to see what everybody else does and eventually I guess some people will come her through that. All are welcome to read and comment.

Update: Another blogstorm rolled through at 3 p.m. today (8/10/05) for about exactly and hour. About the same number of hits, fewer total page views. I guess this post wasn't as interesting.


trusty getto said...

I have been advised to turn on "Word verification" to keep out spammers, but I haven't gotten any yet. I imagine if it happens, I'll turn it on there.

Thx for the heads up!

Tristan said...

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