Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gollum With Glasses

At I recently changed my signature line to:

yellojkt (imagine Gollum in glasses)

which refers to a recent Foxtrot strip where Jason, the boy genius geek finds out that his Worlds of Warcraft partner is actually the girl next door. These two have a long history of mutual antagonism which obviously means they are meant for each other. The Gollum reference is hilarious in context, because any girl that can name check Tolkien is the perfect match for Jason who just won't owe up to his own attraction to her.

I find Jason to be very funny since he represents an archetype I am way too familar with, both in my youth, and now as the parent of a technically oriented child (PC euphemism for nerd).

In a blatant ruse to up my page views, I challenged the Comics Curmudgeon Community to find an online photo of me. If you found this page, and that shouldn't be hard since it is linked from my CCC profile, a picture would be just around the corner. It was taken on a tour boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam on my recent "secret mission."


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