Monday, August 08, 2005

Stupid Blogger Tricks

On Thursday of last week, I pulled a stunt over at Comics Curmudgeon to goose my site visits to see if anyone would bite. I am glad to say it worked like a charm. According to Sitemeter, I had 14 visitors on Thursday and 36 visitors on Friday. It has since died down to the normal one or two a day.

I guess I shouldn't brag about how unpopular this site is, but I am still on a major learning curve about how and what to blog. I will refrain from crying wolf until there is more truly interesting content.

I did receive my very first comment ever and it was from none other than Francesco Marciuliano, who is the writer of the comic strip Sally Forth. Unfortunately it was to correct an accusation I had made in the comments on his blog, Drink at Work. (See the whole debacle here.) I apologize profusely for writing something without checking the facts, but if everybody did that, the internet would be a much duller place. In penance, I have added Drink at Work to my bloglist.

I have also added The Mobtown Shank to the bloglist because Benn Ray is a wonderful community service in the name of a locally owned off-beat bookstore in Hampden called Atomic Books. I get the Mobtown Shank by e-mail and live vicariously through the really bizarre hipsters that populate his world.