Monday, August 08, 2005

Vonnegut Links

Since the name of this website is a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut, I figured it should have some Vonnegut related material on it. In researching this post (read googling "Vonnegut"), one site complained that most Vonnegut pages are just lists of links to other sites with a list of links. I think that's true of most fan-based web pages no matter who the subject is.

This site is not now and never will be a Vonnegut fansite. Way back in the mid -90's when I first wanted to do a website, Vonnegut seemed to be a natural topic. I had read all his books as well as several books about him. I had great bibliographical information on him from researching first editions of his books. Then I found a web page by Chris Huber that was on a Duke University web site and all the wind went out of my sails. His site did everything I had hoped to do and more, so I abandoned the hope of ever becoming the web's foremost authority on Kurt Vonnegut (the web was a lot smaller back then).

I recently stumbled upon a link to that site that was dead and felt a little loss. Lo and behold, the author of the site had moved it to a new domain and had continued to update it. The Vonnegut Web is really the premiere site for anything Vonnegut. It's got biography, bibliography, chronology, and the most up to date FAQ. Most KV FAQ's on web stop at 1996 when George Cooley quit maintaining it. It's nice to see Huber carrying the torch.

I added a few other links to the sidebar link list that merit attention. It would be pretty negligent not to include his Official Web Site even if it mostly justs hawks his silkscreen designs. I love the "assterix" in the URL line. Great minds think alike. I'll continue to add some more links as I find unique sites that add to the knowledge base, but anyone can do a search and pull up all sorts of minor sites if they care to.

I also found a link to an essay KV had written recently called Cold Turkey. It's good to see he hasn't lost any of his vigor in his old age. He also has a book coming out this fall that collects his "post-retirement" writing titled A Man Without A Country *. I'm afraid it will be a little like the endless repackaging of greatest hits rock groups like The Who do with their fans. Still, recycled Vonnegut is better than most other writers.

* The book link is to Amazon, but I am not an affiliate and won't get any money from you if you buy it from them. I would prefer you buy it from an independent bookstore like Atomic Books, but I can definitely understand if you only have big box retailers in your area.

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