Sunday, October 02, 2005

Testing. Testing. Testing.

I keep running across all these cute little quizzes that tell me who I am and why. I like to play along as much as the next guy, but let me clue you in. They are making these quizzes faster than we can play them and most of them are kinda dopey. Do I really need to know what kind of breakfast cereal I am? In the spirit of fair play, these are the better one's I have run across on recently visited blogs. No ringers I got from the home page of these demonic quiz writers.

And these little cut and paste code snippets they give you play hell on your blogger stylesheets. I apologize to the IExplorer users out there. I'm still trying to trouble shoot the shattered swans of a page something is giving me.
So, let's just get these out of the way all at once.

From mean girl:

I am 20% Idiot.
Friggin Genius
I am not annoying at all. In fact most people come to me for advice. Of course they annoy the hell out of me. But what can I do? I am smarter than most people.
I am 17% Promiscuous.
Complete And Total Prude!
There is a good chance I am still a virgin. I am not certain because I haven't even bothered to figure out what sexual intercourse actually is. But whatever it is I want nothing to do with it. There

I always knew I was a brilliant eunuch but now I have the evidence. I guess I am as un-promiscuous as I can and still have a kid. I would have done better on the Genius Test except I am too dumb to cheat.

From lish:

Congratulations! You are Lynette Scavo, the
ex-career woman who traded the boardroom for
boredom, mixed with moments of sheer panic as
the mother of four unmanageable kids.

Which Desperate Housewife are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I LOVE Felicity Huffman and I am so honored to be named as her. I watched her in Sports Night which was one of the great unwatched shows of the last ten years.

From trusty getto:

You scored as Armand. You're the mysterious type.
Only those close to you know the truth about who you really are



Deacon Frost


















Whose your Vampire personality? (images)
created with

I don't even know who Armand is, but at least I like the description.

From November Rain

The Hierophant Card
You are the the Hierophant card. The Hierophant,
called The Pope in some decks, is the preserver
of cultural traditions. After entering The
Emperor's society, The Hierophant teaches us
its wisdom. The Hierophant learns and teaches
our cultural traditions. The discoveries our
ancestors have made influence the present.
Without forces such as The Hierophant who are
able to interpret and communicate traditional
lore, each generation would have to begin to
learn anew. As a force that is concentrated on
our past and our culture, The Hierophant can
sometimes be stubborn and set in his ways. This
is a negative trait he shares with his zodiac
sign, Taurus. But like Taurus he is productive.
His traditional lore can provide a source of
inspiration for the creatively inclined, and
his knowledge provides an excellent foundation
for those who come into their own in the
business world. Image from: Morgan E. Cauthers-Knox.
Which Tarot Card Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I don't believe in Tarot and have no clue what any of this means.

From Keb:

Raw evil score: 46.67%

I cant possibly be this evil. BWAHAHAHAHA!
Even my evil laugh is lame.

From Geekwif

You Are 72% American
Most times you are proud to be an American.
Though sometimes the good ole US of A makes you cringe
Still, you know there's no place better suited to be your home.
You love your freedom and no one's going to take it away from you!

I am 100% American and take exception to the bias in this test.

I forgot who I got this from, but if you think I got it from you let me know and I will credit you.
You Are A: Duck!

duckFound in many lakes and ponds, ducks are a common site the world over. Known for their famous quack, ducks tend to congregate in flocks or go off on their own in pairs. As a duck, you may seem friendly at times but will not hesitate to bite if someone is bothering you. Your love for travel and your ability to swim are some reasons why you are a duck.

You were almost a: Parakeet or a Monkey
You are least like a: Groundhog or a LambCute Animals Quiz

I'm not sure a duck qualifies as a cute animal, although I often say I act like a duct. I am calm looking from above, but underneath I am treading water as fast as I can just to stay afloat.

You scored as Vanilla Shake.
Your perfect dessert is a Vanilla Shake!
You are fun to be around and
always have fun with your many friends!

Vanilla Shake


Chocolate chip cookie


Bananna Bread


Chocolate cake..mmm






Strawberry Shortcake


::.what dessert are you?.::
created with

Finally! Here's something I can sink my teeth into. 100% accurate!

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Huw said...

That's a helluva selection...

I could see myself getting drawn in.....

By here under Michelle's instruction

MorahMommy said...

I took the says I'm a strawberry shortcake...well short fits me and I do love strawberries!

Here via michele!

dena said...

I play, but I just keep my results to myself or just post the results wtihout all the gobble-dee-goop.

visiting from michele's

carmilevy said...

I admire your diligence: I don't have the patience for online quizzes, memes, or any other activity that consumes time that I already do not have.

I wish I had the time, though, and I admire those who take the time on our behalf. Good on ya.

Back from Michele's. It's always a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Of the ones I've taken I can tell you that: I am also a friggin genius and I'm also Lynette. I was not as American as you are though. In fact I was rather disappointed and not feeling very American after I took that one. But it didn't take into account that I have a very nice American flag on my porch and I replace it when it starts getting tattered. Which I think proves that I too am 100% American.

trusty getto said...

But, pls do tell, how can someone be smart, unpromiscuous, and Lynette all at the same time?

paula said...

I adore tests and meme's... I didn't answer the last 23rd line one because when I looked back, it had to do with L... I am SOOOOO over spending any more time reflecting about that relationship, I just couldn't bring myself to post about her again. I took the Tarot test to make up for it though... I am the Heirophant as well!! (we are a rare breed you know, only 4% of the people that took the test received that score) Facinating!


Olyal said...

I am so going to have to do all of those now!!! Your blog has become my new form of procrastination!