Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Bread Hunter

On the weekends I walk my dog (you can read 100 Things About My Dog here) down to the local elementary school. The school is a quarter mile down a road behind a gate that is locked at night and on the weekends. I can let my dog run off-leash without fear of him running into traffic. He will wander around and sniff things but he always runs back to catch up with me.

Over the years my dog has found lots of things to eat on the side of the road or in the woods. People will throw french fries or chicken bones into the road. If it's bad for him, as most things are, I have to fish it out of his mouth and drag him away from it. Often he finds old rolls or buns. He has a special nose for baked goods. If dough were as valuable as truffles, I could make a fortune with him.

Yesterday, as we were about to get back to the main road (but still way behind the locked gate), I looked around and couldn't see him. I walked across the street and found him down in a clearing chowing down on a pile of bread loaves. Some one had thrown away at least a dozen loaves of bakery style bread down into the ditch. My dog had found the mother loaf and was in the middle of the pile just chomping away.

This morning, when we got to the school road and I let him off the leash, rather than follow me, he made a beeline to the pile of bread. I let him snarf down just enough to let me take a few pictures and this one-second video.

I'm baffled by why there is such a large amount of obviously expensive bread in such a remote place. Maybe some stoners had eyes bigger than their stomachs. Or some bread store thieves might have ditched their loot to avoid getting caught. Or perhaps a secret coven of yeast worshipers left it there as a sacrifice to the goddess of the harvest.

Whoever left it there is doing the local wildlife no favors. We have rabbits and foxes and the occasional deer out in those woods, but none of them need a baker's dozen of whole wheat. And worse, now I have to keep my dog on leash until other animals scavenge it away. But my dog has earned the title of Ultimate Bread Hunter.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What is your theory on why the bread was there?


Anonymous said...

that is so incredibly random. wow.

Mom Thumb said...

The Keebler elves tried branching out into breadmaking, but they sucked, so they tossed the evidence out of the tree.

Elizabeth said...

What a cute dog you have!! I love his coloring!
Is there a pond in the area?? I know we've brought too much bread to feed the ducks and have just left the extra there by the side of the pond, but that was like maybe half a loaf of bread, not nearly as much as what you found.

yellojkt said...

There is a stream further down the road, but not anywhere near where we found the bread. No ducks or geese live near the stream anyways.

I like mom thumb's theory.

Panthergirl said...

I think mom thumb's theory is just hilarious!

I will tell you that around here, I wouldn't have let him touch it. People were leaving wads of bread and meat and stuff around for dogs, but stuffing them with pins. How sick is that?? Several dogs wound up in the ER.

I love your "BlatantCommentWhoring" thing.

Here via michele today!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I have absolutely no idea! May as well go with Mom Thumbs idea, hehe. What next?!

Michele says Hi!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

My dog goes after bread too. It's a sharing thing. He won't let the birds have any

Casdok said...

He certainly has earnt that title!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

P r o b a b l y... just some kids who ripped off a local bakery somehow and didn't want to get busted with the evidence.

Was there a report in the crime logs about a bread boost, loaf lift or scone snatch?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have another bread winner in the family.