Saturday, September 22, 2007

Labels, Labels, Labels

This post is for me, but you are welcome to follow along.

I love tags and labels. They are so useful for a scattershot blog like mine. My massively ADD mind cannot stay on one topic too long, so I need a way to find old posts of mine. I used to terribly envy Wordpress and Movable Type users that had all sorts of great label features. When NewBlogger added that feature, I jumped on it like a junebug and went and back-labeled over 300 posts. Now they are all neatly organized. Here is my guide to all the labels I have used.

Comics. Despite my semi-retirement as an active Comics Cardinal Commenter (I still lurk frequently), comics are the biggest topic on my blog with 53 posts to date. That makes about one out of every eight posts comics related, a ratio I'm happy with. Within the comics category I have separate tags for Foobs for all foobish attacks and ces for items related to the worlds of Sally Forth, Medium Large and the rest of the Fracesco Marciuliano media empire. I also have separate tags for my two National Comics Competitions, the original NCCC and the ncccc follow-up.

Travel. Somehow the travel part of my blog has become the biggest section. I do like to travel and it is the most blogworthy stuff I do. My trip to China merits its own tag, but you really should be reading my other blog, China Sights if you want to see all my China pictures with commentary. Travel sometimes overlaps with food.

Books. This blog is named after a Kurt Vonnegut coinage so it is only natural that books be a big part of the blog. Vonnegut, of course, gets his own tag even though there aren't as many posts as you would think. I do separately tag my monthly BooksFirst post which is where all my book reviews live. And while it hasn't caught on, I am the originator of National Just Read More Novels Month every January and it gets its own tag, NaJuReMoNoMo.

More pop culture. All the various other media forms get individual tags. For television I have tube and screen for movies. Music goes under tunes. Broadway and theater are covered by stage. Within those Melissa Etheridge and the now-cancelled Studio 60 have their own sub-tags. I have been neglecting the fishwrap tag for anything about newspapers. However, the late lamented Spy Magazine also merits special attention.

Life. All bloggers talk about themselves and I am no exception. I have a bunch of random sub-tags to try to place order on the chaos. Family is whenever I write anything that would embarass them if they knew about my blog. College covers stories from my college days, but since my son goes off to college next year, it will probably expand to include that. Paricularly sentimental posts get slapped with sappy.

Geek. I revel in my geekness. I do send an awful lot of time on the interwebs. Heck, I've been to balticon enough for it to merit it's own tag.

Meta. The blog does get self-referential and technical. I even obsess over my blogroll. I also get suckered into playing memes. The Achenblog Boodle even gets its own tag. And I should add one for Joel since he needs the eyeballs. And in the ultimate act of self-love, every six months I pick which of my posts are the best.

Politics and current events. I also label other controversial subjects like sex and gay issues. Plagiarism is also one of my hot buttons. And I do love the newsbabes. But my number one blog traffic generator was when I wrote about Brandy the Howard County hooker. I also even deign to write about Bawlmer sometimes.

I mentioned at the beginning that this post is really for me. I'm going to link to this post in the Granfalloons portion of my sidebar so that I have quick access to all the silly categories I've invented.

There will be a follow-up post where I admire the much more cleverly named tags I run across blog surfing, so you will get your chance.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: Let me know how you organize your posts.


Anonymous said...

Goodness you are up early without much to do. Have a nice day.

yellojkt said...

Just needed something to do between the dog walk and the bicycle ride before I go to the marching band fund raiser carwash.

trusty getto said...

Organize? You mean I'm s'posed to organize them?

I seem a bit late to the party . . .