Friday, September 28, 2007

Show Killer Candidates

Any show I watch from the first episode and get hooked on is doomed. I chronicled my tragic track record over the years here. Last year I threw myself into Studio 60 with a vengeance, creating a Drinking Game and everything. The show failed so badly that it became a doomed laughingstock in the industry.

The silver lining was that since so much of my bad mojo was directed at Sorkin’s stinker, my other favorite new series set behind the scenes of a sketch comedy show escaped by the skin of its teeth. 30 Rock became one of the lowest rated shows to get renewed. In accepting the Best Comedy Emmy, Tina Fey thanked the “dozens and dozens” of fans. I humbly say “You’re welcome.”

This year nothing has energized me. There are a lot of mediocre shows with promise, but none seem to have the breakout potential of Heroes (I missed the first two episodes last season, thus letting it escape my curse.) Here is some handicapping of shows I’ve checked out so far. Most of them are very derivative and owe a lot of their genealogy to other shows or movies. We’ll see which are still on the air next year.

= Forty-Year-Old Virgin/2 + La Femme Nikita

Losers that work in BigBox™ stores are big this year. Chuck is a reluctant secret agent with a hot handler. The pilot was long on set-up and the secret agent flashbacks don’t match the silly Moonlightingesque tone. Networks don’t do light comedy action well, so I am skeptical if Chuck can keep it up.
= Buffy The Vampire Slayer + ChuckThieves

Another show about a BigBox™ loser, but this one owes his soul to The Devil and has to work it off bounty hunting. His sidekick is equal parts Jack Black and Seth Rogen. Normally I stay away from the supernatural shows, but Kevin Smith is associated with it and I have to show my loyalty.
Gossip Girl
= The OC + Sex In The City/Desperate Housewives

Somehow I’ve seen this show twice. It features a bunch of way too pretty people bickering and trashing each other. They are catty, fashion-obsessed and relentlessly shallow. And that’s the guys. So far the gossip is pretty mild and every episode ends with someone slugging someone else. The parents are actually more intriguing and better rounded characters.
The Bionic Woman
= Alias * Heroes - X-Men

This is the only one I haven’t seen yet because my wife wants to see it too. I have it on tape so we can watch it this weekend while zapping the commercials. It has Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica as a villain, so that will work in its favor. I just don’t think it can be the same without Felix.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What is your favorite show of the new season? I promise not to kill it.


kenju said...

I have managed to miss all but one of the new shows this season. I did see "Dirty, Filthy Money" (is that the name of it?) and I liked it fairly well. It has promise! I saw 30 mins. of the new show with 4 guys (the male sex in the city) and I couldn't stomach a minute more. Every show seems to have a transexual lurking somewhere...LOL

Michele sent me.

-E said...

HAHA Every show I like ends up getting canned too, so I feel your pain. I think the show Kenju mentioned is called Dirty Sexy Money. I hear Pushing Daisies is good, but next week is when it starts. But I'm not too hooked on any of the new ones as of yet.

Wandered over from Michele's. Have a nice weekend.

Pat said...

I'm in the UK but have caught Studio 60 and watch it because I have to really pay attention to know what the heck is going on. There is one boss woman and I think her voice even bores the pants off her. America is ace at this sort of programme and we aren't. I'm also enjoying 'Brothers and Sisters' because the Mom is such a monster which I find strangely comforting. Couldn't stay with 'Lost' or Desperate Housewives'
Michele sends her best.

Tiffany said...

Good thing im not watching any of those The only new shows im watching are private practice and Kid Nation. Kid Nation isnt what I expected, but yet im drawn back to it the next week. Thanks for stopping by. Michele sent e

November Rain said...

Michelle sent me to say THANK GOD I am not the only one with this type of curse...

Any show I get really addicted to gets the axe

the only way it doesnt if I wait until it has gone a few seasons

(very few has escaped my curse)

I am not a big TV watcher so there are only a few I really get into and feel I must see

Not into Soaps like other women no I prefer to listen to my radio and be online

Some of mine were
above and beyond
just to name a few off the top of my head...

I am looking forward to Heroes it doesnt premier (1st episode) in Germany until next week