Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cape Cod Clues

This year for vacation rather than driving cross-country or going to China or Vietnam, we are staying much closer to home. We have rented a vacation house with two other families and are going to set up base camp in Brewster on Cape Cod for a week.

We spent the evening figuring out day-trips and things to do. We don't want to over-program, but we also want to catch all the cool stuff. We're going to take bicycles to Martha's Vineyard one day. Another will be an out and back driving trip to New Bedford. And some want to take a day to head into Boston, which our family has seen a lot of.

My quandary is what to do on the days we are staying local. I'd love to have tips for inexpensive restaurants, good used book stores, and light outdoorsy activities in the area. One of my ideas was for all the dads to head into P-town for a night of karaoke, but that idea didn't go over well.

BlatantTravelTipSoliciting®: What ideas can you offer? No guarantee I can will take any of them up, but I'm open to anything.


Anonymous said...

my extended family has cottages in brewster, and my favorite thing to do while visiting there is to walk out on cape cod bay for low tide. it's amazing (wear sandals). also, brewster has a kickin' general store.


Anonymous said...

The Brewster Book Store right on 6A is a great book store. For great places to eat visit best Cape Cod restaurants. One of our favorite daytrips is to Nantucket. Take one of the Cape Cod ferries for the short trip across Nantucket sound. You can walk from the ferry dock to the quaint downtown...Or for something really special...You can rent a jeep complete with beach permits, allowing you access to miles of secluded beaches only accessible by 4WD. It is very cool. Young's Fish Market in Orleans for the best lobster rolls...Don't miss it! Oh yeah...and Rock Harbor for Sunset with an ice cold Corona!
Hope this helps...Enjoy!

courtney said...

The Beachcomber in Wellefleet has good food and live music most nights of the week. I saw Bob Mould there several summers ago, and it was a great, divey little summer place. HIGHLY recommend that.

And, if you're in the mood for a blogger meet-up, let me know. Nowhere you'll be is more than 2 hours from me.

yellojkt said...

Great tips. I knew I had New England readers that could hook me up. Nantucket is one of our sideboard excursions that we'll do if we can. Sounds a lot quieter than Martha's Vineyard.

Would love to do a meet up, courtney, but I'm afraid our logistics are too loosey goosey for firm plans.