Monday, October 06, 2008


While at Georgia Tech, I noticed that the campus had succumb to the Fiberglass Animal Display fad. FAD-fad. Started in Chicago many many years ago, it has been trickling down to smaller and smaller locales. The last time I saw them was in Mystery Business Trip City Named After A Sport Played With Sticks. I have to confess that Georgia Tech isn’t even the first college campus to jump on this well worn bandwagon. Two years ago I stumbled across a flock of Hokies at Virginia Tech while my son searched for a decent bookstore in Blacksburg that would have made exile there tolerable.

Our favorite one was the one called COE Superstar, but we nicknamed his Buzzsaw Buzz because of the sawblade coming out of his head. And if you look real carefully, that is a GT logo on his gold tooth. Sadly, Buzzsaw also represented a disturbing trend among these silly acts of boosterism, random and senseless acts of vandalism. Any accessory on any of these sculptures was doomed. Buzzsaw had on a very cool pair of welding goggles when we saw him Thursday night. By Friday morning when we came back with the camera, both lenses had been snapped off.

As we wandered around campus hunting all the Buzzes, we noticed ties askew, flags missing, and worst of all, antennae broken off. Something about the fragile sensory apian sensory devices was irresistible to passers-by with poor impulse control. Like most of these silly stunts, the statues are to later be auctioned off and nobody wants an abused bee in their yard as a conversation piece.

You can see all the Buzzes on my Flickr set devoted to them or wait a day or so because I intend to put together a post or two showing all the Buzzes with some commentary.

BlatantCommentWhoring™:What silly F-A-D has or would your area use?

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