Friday, October 17, 2008

Drinking In A Little Bublé

Part of the price of getting to go to Weird Al concerts is that paybacks are hell. At a company Christmas several years back, my wife fell in love with a song the DJ played. She asked to see the album, but had never heard of this Bublé fellow. Then he exploded and seemed to be everywhere. And here is the review:


Michael Bublé
Blurry Overexposed Cell Phone Picture


Michael Bublé kicked off his latest tour in Baltimore, bringing his neo-Big Band style to the housewives who worship him and the husbands who humor them.
Opening Act

Naturally 7 is a gospel-tinged acapella group with a strong hip-hop style. They do stunning recreations of artists ranging from Phil Collins to Simon and Garfunkel, as well as original material. The members simulate instruments from drums to clarinets to electric guitar. They even prefer the term "vocal play" to acapella since much of the music is based on recreating the instrumental styles. If anything, the vocals are the weakest part.
Stage Presence

He may sing like Streisand, but he swaggers like Billie Joe Armstrong. He stages temper tantrums, makes fun of his band and blames his record company for turning him into a pansy.

Stage Show

He played the Mariner Arena in the half-house set-up which hd great sight lines. The stage had a steep slant with three groups of band players. The twelve-member horn section was on the right. In the center was a full rock drum set, and the percussionist and guitars were on the left.

Amusing Anecdote

Early in the show, he went through the audience and got groped by 77-year-old grannie groupie. He hightailed it back to the stage and said "I haven't been grabbed like that by a nineteen-year-old. I've got a lot to learn and you seem like the person to teach me."

Bublé understands where his target market is. He apologized to the guys dragged along and promised that the ticket would pay off later that night. About the middle of the show he tried get the guys into the spirit by working them only to rickroll them into a big band rendition of "YMCA."

Show Length
100 minutes start to finish including encore.

Audience Demeanor

The crowd ran the gamut of age groups, but was a little estrogen heavy. There wasn't as much screaming as their was sighing and swooning.
Noticeable Omissions
He covered all his big hits but I was kind of hoping for his cover of 'Moondance.'
Other Reviews

None I could find. He seems to have snuck in and out of town unnoticed by the mainstream media.

Michael Bublé is to rock music what Nicholas Sparks is to action movies. But he knows how to give the ladies what they want.


Jeff said...

Come on, admit it... you thought he was good.

I'm a big Harry Connick Jr fan and Bublé is a more Vegassy version of him. But I appreciate a talented singer no matter what style they perform so I have to give him 4 out of 5 stars.

Elizabeth said...

I've never heard of him, but I do like Harry Connick Jr., so maybe I'd like Buble?

yellojkt said...

he is a lot like Harry Connick Junior, but with a little more sass to him. He also makes the gossip sections a good bit.