Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The latest entrants into the rather crowded Sarah Palin parody cottage industry are the Calhoun Sisters doing their rap rendition of Sarah's schtick. They were "discovered" by Joel Achenbach on the Achenblog. I have no idea how he knows them, but the lyrics are just brutal and hilarious. Joel decided that this video needs to go viral, so I'm doing my part. It had about 800 views this morning, so lets link to it and get the ball rolling. Just no Rickrolling. That would be unfair.

Tina Fey is considered the gold standard and while she is very good, the demands of network television cause some punches to be pulled. In contrast, Sara Benincasa (who I featured way back when) just keeps getting edgier. The Sarah Palin Vlogs are up to 27 episodes and Episode 26 in particular is just dead spot on. It's also perhaps just a bit unsafe for work, so put on some headphones.

What both of these videos have in common is that the really get at the heart of the Palin candidacy with resorting to winking at the camera. It's just a shame they only have three weeks left before their careers go the way of Allan Sherman. Enjoy the spotlight while you can.


Jeff said...

"It's just a shame they only have three weeks left before their careers go the way of Allan Sherman."

Who's careers... the spoofers or Palin/McCain's? God I hope it's the latter.

yellojkt said...

Tina Fey is on the record saying she doesn't want to be playing Palin after November 5.

Mooselet said...

I'm with you Jeff. I had an argument with a friend last night about why I thought Palin wasn't intelligent and not suitable for VP. Dear me, where do I start?

Saralicious was quite funny.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

That first one is almost as scary as the real SP

Sara Benincasa said...

Thanks for posting, monsieur!