Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sally Forth Expo Info

Blogging may be light this weekend as I’ll be attending the big SFX extravaganza. As teased by Crispy Gamer, this annual event puts the Penny Arcade Expo and ComiCon to shame. I hope to see you there. Here is the publicity flyer for more information:

Sally Forth Expo
October 18, 2008
Main Street Days Inn
Gilligan Ballroom - formerly the Weight Room
(somebody broke the Stairmaster)

Join us for a full day of Sally-riffic entertainment as you bond with fellow Forth-philes and enjoy all things retro, suburban, and bland.

9:00 Registration
Meet and greet Jackie while she skims off the cash box to finance her next backpacking trip to Europe. Jackie will also be giving change all day in the Game Arcade where you can play vintage video games including Dig-Dug, Joust, Galaga, and Burger Time. High scorers on each machine will be recognized at the banquet.

10:00 Keynote Speaker - How to Deal With a 'Ralph' in Your Office
Sally Forth
Be sure to hear our heroine as she shares her secrets to co-managing with a Machiavellian partner as well as balancing life as a career woman, mother, and PFLAG chapter president.
10:05 How To Get Free Money & Faster Raises
With over twenty years of managerial experience, including two in the food services industry, Ralph shares his tips on how to undercut rivals and steal the thunder from coworkers while claiming all the credit. Meet in the lobby for this once in a lifetime opportunity.
11:00 Managing a Mid-Life Office Romance
Our favorite cougar tells why it is important to turn off the broadcast feature of your networked copier before any lunch time supply closet trysts.
12:00 Lunch
On your own. See the front desk for directions to Applebees or Bronco Burger. Or visit our dealer room where you can find all those childhood treasures that got thrown away including Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Trivial Pursuit: Big 80s Edition, and those hard to find gladiator movie boxsets.
1:00 How To Deal With Disappointment
Sally’s mom dispenses tips on how to lower your expectations and mask your disgust with your effeminate son-in-law, pudgy granddaughter and slutty youngest child. A list of very prescription-friendly physicians will be distributed.
2:00 Trading Cameos For Hipster Cred
Francesco Marciuliano
Ces explains staying cool while being a tool for King Syndicates by name-dropping all your much more talented and edgier friends into the strip. Guest appearances by Jeff Jowdy and David Murrell.
3:00 Getting Frisky In A Family Strip
Ted Forth, Arlo Day, Walt Duncan, and Hi Flagstone
A roundtable discussion on just what you can and can’t get away with. Expect some special back-stage stories about what happened in the fifth panel that you never got to see.
4:00 “We’re Just Friends”
Hilary and Faye
A symposium on the joys of platonic female bonding with a special tribute to Peppermint Patty and Marcie.
5:00 Co-Ed Team Crossword Puzzle Tournament
Find an office spouse to enter this thrilling double-elimination competition. With special guest judge Aria.
6:00 Dinner and Awards
Featuring an all-you-can-eat meatloaf bar ($15 supplement)
We will also be presenting some special awards in the following categories:
  • Toxic Mother Of The Year
  • Horror Movie Creature Song Of The Year
  • Machiavellian Manager Lifetime Achievement Award
And the evening will round-out with a PowerPoint Slide Show of this season's softball league highlights.

7:00 Costume Contest
Show off your best 80s’s style business wear. Ladies, break out those big floppy bowties. And gents, let’s see some Gordon Gecko quality suspenders. If you can't make it in person, be sure to send your pictures direct to Ces.
8:00 Concert: Vampire Monkeys
Direct from their sold-out Roseland appearance and mid-size arena tour of South Korea, we are proud to welcome the Vampire Monkeys with opening act Pela and special guest appearance by New Delhi Monkey Gang.
10:30 Movie Night
Join us in the video lounge for continuous showings of “The Last Starfighter” and “The Star Wars Christmas Special”
We expect another sold-out event so register early. You would hate be shut out again after last year’s drunken debacle made the front page of The Comics Reporter.


Francesco Marciuliano said...

Ha! This is fantastic! Thanks!

Impetua said...

Yello! I was too lazy to read this before, and I must say, bravo! I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. :)

kamagra said...

Get all information, dates, group rates and proposed events here! (Scroll down to the middle of the page).
And in a nod to this very special, no doubt once in a lifetime event (judging by predicted turnout unless we hit double-digit attendees), how will you dress up for SallyCon? Send in your photos to and the best ones will be posted on this site! (Yes, I actually just suggested people dress up as Sally Forth characters and send me pics. Clearly my life has taken some regrettable turn).