Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Template

For the 88 of you that have seen this site before, this is a brand new Blogger Template. The official name is Thisaway(Blue), but I prefer to call it Goodbye, Blue Monday. The orange on the old template began to bother me and the font was way to large in the post bodies.

I know, I should be designing my own stylesheet in CSS and that way it can look how I want it. Well, there's a reason to use templates and that is to keep things from looking too ugly too soon. I want to futz with this one a little bit and make the header text a little larger and not so blue.

AOL is often called the Internet on Training Wheels. Well, Blogger.com is blogging for newbies, and I'm OK with that now. Someday I'll be ready for WordPress and have my own domain. Kinda the Web version of the American Dream. Until then I'll rent and let the landlord take care of the yardwork.

I did manage to transfer the sidebar links intact and keep the Sitemeter going, so I'm not totally useless. As long as it can be done with Cut and Paste, I do all right.

Update: I did change the font sizes in the title. Looks great, if I do say so myself. I also had to shrink the comic in this post to 300 pixels wide to keep IE from FUBARing the block borders. Of course, Firefox handled it fine. Just click on the comic to get it to a legible size. Next is to edit the generic arrow in the title to look like a Vonnegut "assterix".


melinama said...

I think this whole "migrate to cooler platform" thing is a crock. Blogspot works fine and is free. What's not to like? Also, since Google owns it, it is very friendly to blogspot sites in its search mechanism.

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