Wednesday, March 29, 2006

NCC Dead Writers Division Championship

Welcome back comics-fans to exciting second round coverage of the National Crappy Comics Competition ™. For those of you joining us late, first round action in the NCCC™ is complete and the results follow. Remember, the “winner” is the strip most worthy of being purged forever from the comics pages.

Dead Writer Division
Dennis the Menace lost to Andy Capp
Peanuts was defeated by Shoe

Pointless Soap Division
Mary Worth trounced Apt 3G
Mark Trail was upset by Rex Morgan

Just Not Funny Divsion
Garfield got edged out by Cathy
BC ran rough-shod over Family Circus

Walker-Browne Division

Beetle Bailey was butchered by Hagar the Horrible.
Hi and Lois passed Raising Duncan in a forfeit.

For our the championship of the the Dead Writer Division, we have Andy Capp facing off against Shoe. Andy Capp is famous around the world as being synonymous with “wife-beating drunk” . But if you ask someone who Rex Smythe is you either get a blank stare or a wild guess like “Elton John’s real name” or “right fielder for the 1918 Cardinals” . Jeff MacNelly on the other hand was a journalistic legend whose legacy is being defiled every day by the big black vultures circling his grave. Let the man rest in peace.
Winner/Loser: Shoe

Next up: The Pointless Soap Division Championship
Or on to the Final Four.


Anonymous said...

I read the comics just about every day. But an ongoing problem for me, since I was a child, is my inability to skip the comics I know are going to be bad. When I was a kid, it was "Nancy." I hated that strip and it was never funny and every day after I read it I would want to kick myself. As an adult, I am actually making some progress--I am about 80% successful in refraining from reading For Better or Worse, which is the one comic that I hate the most (sorry about that...) Blondie is just a lifelong habit and I actually enjoy it even though it's not funny.

This bad comic tournament is a good idea, yellojkt!

J.Po said...

Stick with it, Karen. I finally became successful in averting my eyes from "Cathy," and was gleeful when the Phila Inquirer dropped it for a blissful few weeks, until a groundswell of "public opinion" forced it back onto the funny pages. It takes discipline, but the rewards are great and worthwhile.

Impetua said...

Of course, I am also afflicted with Karen's problem and therefore must read Family Circus and also Adam, which is just Cathy in drag, with its constant themes of weight loss, working from home, and avoidance of parenting duties (in place of workplace issues and hounding what's his name about getting married). Lord have pity on my unworthy soul and drive these demons from me! At least Adam doesn't have any pets.

I am happy to report that our local rag, which features two full pages of comics every day, is a Cathy-free zone. In addition, I am not subjected to Shoe, BC (except on Sundays), Rex Morgan (though I have been enjoying the homoerotic overtones as highlighted in Comics Curmudgeon's blog), Mark Trail (except Sundays), Beetle Bailey, Mary Worth, Andy Capp and Apt. 3G. I have been able to avert my eyes from Mark Trail on most Sundays without too much difficulty what with the Sunday strip being preachy about wildlife and having no plot and all. I love our woodland creatures just as much as the next poor sap but gah! Give it a rest!

For a while there was a single-panel strip called "The Bleachers" or "In the Bleachers" or some damn thing, I think it fancied itself sort of a sports-themed Far Side, but mercifully it has been discontinued. It looked like a 13-year-old boy drew it (no offense to 13yo boys) and was Just Not Funny. If you do a more contemporary verion of the NCCC(tm) must let me know, I got some serious contenders for you....

Mooselet said...

My dad always liked Shoe, so I get a little nostalgic when I see it. But it's still not funny.