Thursday, March 16, 2006

NCCC Dead Writer Division Round 1

Game 1


Welcome comics-fans to the National Crappy Comics Competition first round action. Remember, only the worst comic in each match-up advances. In the Dead Writers Division, we have Dennis the Menace against Andy Capp. Hank Ketchum has been pushing up daisies since 1991, but ghost writers have worked on various parts of the Dennis Empire since at least the 80’s. Reg Smythe has been brown bread since 1998. Dennis is a charming if unfunny scamp with a fairly hot mom and a cute cast of supporting characters. Andy continues to perpetuate very vicious stereotypes about working class Brits proving that humor can be tone-deaf on both sides of the Pond.

Winner/Loser: Andy Capp

Game 2

In the late game of the NCCC™ - Dead Writer Division, we have Peanuts against Shoe. Charles Schultz put the whole world into mourning when he passed away in 2000. He had the class to prohibit anyone from taking over his strip, but the ghouls at United Media re-animated the corpse and run repeats to this day.
Jeff MacNeely was a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist before starting Shoe. Mac (as he signed his cartoons) died less than 4 months after Schulz but few realize how badly his successors have stripped the corpse. The characters are still there, but the cynical topical soul has been lost. Sadly, the 30 year old jokes in Peanuts are fresher than the stale retreaded gags at the Treetops Tattler.
Winner/Loser: Shoe

Tune in tomorrow for the Pointless Soap Division opening round.


Anonymous said...

Those were kinda no-brainers. I think the Pointless Soap Division is going to be a helluva battle.

dena said...

I can't wait until the next grouping. I used to love the Soaps as young kid...really not sure what the attraction is. Maybe I thought it made me more of an adult.

Anonymous said...

"Ah, Andy Capp, you wife-beating drunk!"
-Homer Simpson