Friday, December 29, 2006

Best Of 2006, Part 2

Every six months I do a Best Of post as much for me as for my readers. My Best Of for January thru June can be found here. I often lose track of when I wrote something I want to link to again. It also makes for a nice button on my sidebar for newer readers to realize what they’ve gotten themselves into so they know to avoid me in the future.

I’ve noticed that most of my posts fall into recognizable categories, so that is how I’ve organized the notables for the second half of 2006.


My wife and I drove over 7500 miles cross-country and back this summer. This trip gave me tons of memories, over a thousand pictures, and blog-ammo for nearly two months. Pretty much all my posts in July and August came out of that trip. My favorite travel post is the Brewery Tour Battle from our layover in St Louis and not just for the hidden link to the aroused Clydesdale. I also took a lot of video, some of which has been posted to my YouTube account. The Graceland Tour overview is the best of these and the blog post has more detail about my pilgramage to the home of The King.


The daily funnies page, dead tree and virtual, is still one of my most compulsive obsessions. I jumped on the good-bye to For Better Or For Worse bandwagon early with my predictions for The End of the Foobiverse. Expect more foobsnark in the very near future. I like to excel in fields with little competition, which is why I am the self-declared biggest fan in the world of Sally Forth. My latest entry is about Hilary Forth and her best friend Faye. The subtext of the post is a little, uh, mature and I may have stepped over a line, but I’m still proud of the work I put into it.

Studio 60

I eagerly anticipated the latest incarnation of Aaron Sorkin’s Altmanesque Random Rantings Set In A Tension Filled Work Place also known as Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. As part of my summary of the pilot, I invented a Drinking Game that thanks to some blogwhoring and a mention on Defamer went viral and became the most hit blog post I have ever written by a long shot. I should have quit while I was ahead but I have gone to the Studio 60 well several more times including comparing it unfavorably to 30 Rock.

Personal Stuff

The blog has been light on the purely confessional slice-of-life stuff lately, but I did do a nice write-up for my 20th anniversary about my wedding that my wife might never read. I’ve also lived vicariously through my son and his rocketry club.


It wouldn’t be Foma* without a post about my number one long-term traffic generator, Brandi Britton. A year after her misdemeanor prostitution arrest, she has yet to have justice served. While I did an update right before her latest court non-appearance, it is the comment section from a much earlier entry that has become an emergent phenomenon that I try to police as lightly as possible.

Future Trends

After being accused of being the Whitest Blogger Ever, I have decided to take off the kid gloves and delve in politics a little more when I can come up with a unique angle that hasn’t been beaten to death in the other echo chambers on the web. My comparison of the Iraq War with Red Dawn ignited some genuine controversy. Hopefully my readers know it is all in good fun and they will always be welcome no matter what beliefs they hold. Or how big of a jerk I become.

Blatant Comment Whoring™: This is where I ask you to stroke my ego by mentioning something I’ve overlooked. I also let you turn the blogwhoring table and link to the favorite post you’ve written recently.


Anonymous said...

You can be clever and witty. You can travel the world and share your stories...but nothing and I mean nothing is better than you as the Christmas Elf. That was your best post ever, imo.

Anonymous said...

Well. You never blogged about meeting any imaginary friends, so I guess that can't count as a Blog Best Of.

But I'm sure it's a Yellojkt Best Of... isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I really liked the Cha-Cha-Cha Charmin post.
Happy new Year!

Anonymous said...

I would mention your wedding post if you'd overlooked it but since you did indeed list it, I guess that's out.

And the elf thing? Freaking hilarious.

As for my own blog and favorite post therein, it would have to be anything containing photos of the baby, but especially the one from Sept. 7th (coincidentally my birthday) which includes some of the kitten (now unrecognizably fluffy) as well as Delia in one of her finer moments.

David Edward said...

fav's of 2006 sounds like a good idea, if I have the energy

here from michele

I liked the rocket launch

yellojkt said...

For people that read this in the archive:

The Christmas Elf
Charmin In Times Square

Impetua's Cat (and her very cute kid)

tbg, the bph will get it's due in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yellojk,
I was going to e-mail this to you, but I couldn't figure out how.
I saw that you had my name on your blogroll that was linked to mine and Impetua's old blog. I thought I'd let you know that we let that one lapse. My new blog is
and when I changed over to the new Google thing that Blogger wanted me to, I somehow changed my user name from Liz to Elizabeth. Anyway, I don't know if you still want to link to me or not, the blog is about our adoption from China. But I thought I'd let you know that the old link is dead.
Thanks and Happy New Year!

utenzi said...

Michele sent me over, Yellojkt.

Happy New Year!

7,500 miles is a lot of driving. I think that would have driven me crazy! I hate driving. On the other hand, I love Studio 60. I can hardly credit anyone preferring 30 Rock. *sigh* I watch both but Tina just can't carry a show. I agree with you though that Baldwin makes such a great "bad guy" though admittedly he's more eccentric, or maybe self-absorbed, than bad.

Anonymous said...

Every time I stop by your blog, I remember back to your "What's In Your Wallet?" entry. It is physically impossible for any wallet to possibly contain so much stuff... and yet there it is!

Have a great 2007!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that's right! He had a "Build A Bear" punchcard in his wallet, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

From one "whitest blogger ever" to another...

Happy New Year Yellojkt!!!

Anonymous said...

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