Friday, March 13, 2009

Yellojkt At The Newseum

One of the many interactive features to do at the Newseum (when I'm not stalking Maureen Dowd or sneaking up on George Snuffleupagus) is the Be A Reporter station. They have a whole area with a bunch of green screens where you can make your own news video. Some of the scripts are blander than others. This one for the White House backdrop was actually very timely when I made it two weeks ago. Stevie Wonder had just been honored by President Obama.

Unlike a lot of video kiosk type souvenir gimmicks, this one is pretty reasonably priced. After making the video, you can get a 4x6 print of a screen capture with a link to the video. I've downloaded mine and then uploaded it to YouTube, as a lot of people have.

As a Press Pass member at the Museum, I get unlimited takes at the video booth. While I read the script verbatim this time, the temptation to monkey with the text is nearly irresistible. Maybe next time.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What news story should I cover next time?

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