Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gaiman On Colbert

I'm such a bad Irishman. I don't have some sort of shamrock encrusted post today. Fortunatately, Mo MoDo (who is much more Irish than I am) does. But last night, Neil Gaiman (Goth Comic Writer Rock Star) was on Colbert last night plugging his Newbery award winning book which is rather generically titled The Graveyard Book. Since I'm three chapters in, I gave it a watch only to have two mini-spoilers revealed. Here there are in yellow on white text (which means you may be out of luck depending on your feedreader):


Despite three people being slashed to death just before the book starts, nobody else gets killed by a knife. That's disappointing. It's a good thing so many people in the book are dead already.

The character that can leave the graveyard and only comes out at night is really a vampire. Duh. I already had that figured out.


Oh, and I saw Watchmen in IMax last night. No spoiler to say that plenty of people die. On screen and rather bloodily. For fuller reviews of both Watchmen and Graveyard Book wait until the BooksFirst post in two weeks.

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