Friday, March 06, 2009

The Hero Within

In honor of Watchman Day, I have used The Hero Factory to create my own superhero, Foma*Man aka The Asterisk. I had to do some minor photoshopping to the dorky name they originally gave me as well as put my cool logo on my massive superhero pecs.

My superpowers are withering sarcasm, a sense of ironic detachment and the ability to flame trolls in any forum.

Hat tip to Dave at Blogography for linking to the awesome site.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: Who is your hero and what is their superpower?


byoolin said...

byoolin's superpower is the ability to go to the grocery store on The Lovely Mrs. byoolin's behalf and return hours later with not one of the items she had asked him to procure, necessitating a return to the store. (Needless to say, The Lovely Mrs. byoolin's superpower is incredible patience.)

byoolin said...

Apropos of the topic:

This "Top Ten Least Exciting Superpowers for Comic Book Superheroes" list originally appeared on either the NBC or CBS version of David Letterman's talk show. I remember seeing it in a book of his Top Ten lists sometime in the late 80s or early 90s.

10. Super spelling
9. Lightning-fast mood swings
8. Really bendy thumb
7. Unusually natural smile when posing for photographs
6. Ability to calm jittery squirrels
5. Power to shake exactly two aspirin out of a bottle
4. Ability to get tickets to Goodwill Games
3. Power to score with other superheroes' wives
2. Ability to communicate with corn
1. Magnetic colon

Mooselet said...

I did this a few days ago. Let's go fight crime together!

yellojkt said...

Great list byoolin. Link to your superhero and we can all form a superhero team called the Pajama Bloggers.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I like byoolin's list too. Funny stuff. I'd like to join the team. Here I am.

smalltownme said...

Here's mine:

Pajama Bloggers unite!

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