Thursday, September 22, 2005

Birth Control and Boobs

I am very easily confused. A post by my blog-buddy trusty getto got me thinking about some newspaper articles I had read in the Washington Post recently and things didn’t add up. Try to follow this with me:

August 31, 2005: The FDA indefinitely defers the approval of “Plan-B” or “morning-after” birth control pills as an over-the-counter drug for women 17 and over because it would remain by-prescription only for women under the age of 17 and the FDA can't figure out how to keep 16-year olds from buying it over-the-counter. Susan Woods, the FDA director of the Office of Women’s Health resigned in protest.

September 20, 2005: The FDA announces that Norris Alderson, a FDA staffer whose specialty is animal husbandry, would replace Susan Woods as the director of the Office of Women’s Health. This announcement is met with universal derision, and the Ministry of Truth erases all evidence of the announcement.

September 19, 2005: The FBI announces the formation of a task force aimed at the prosecution of companies creating pornography involving consenting adults. This is met with snickering and eye-rolling. By FBI agents.

September 22, 2005: The FDA approves, on appeal, to allow a second company to manufacture and market silicone gel breast implants, which previously had been banned for over a decade.

To summarize:
  • Over-the-counter birth control: Bad
  • Appointing people to jobs outside their expertise: Good, until caught.
  • Pornography: Bad
  • Big boobs: Good

  • Is this all part of a sinister agenda, or is it merely bumbling incompetence?
    Does anyone else see anything inconsistent or hypocritical here?
    Wouldn't banning breast implants destroy the porn industry without an FBI task force?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Update: In a Friday afternoon news dump, FDA chief Lester Crawford resigned after only being confirmed to the job two months ago. No word if the reason for his departure was that he found the recently announced porn squad openings too enticing to pass up.

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    Anonymous said...

    Best line... "Wouldn't banning breast implants destroy the porn industry without an FBI task force?" Fabulous logic!!

    Your Mother said...

    I hadn't thought of it like that but yes, in 2 years, we'd have old has been porn stars because the new generation would be a carpenters dream: flat as a board, a pirates dream: sunken chest; wait it gets better: the itty bitty titty committee would be back in business!

    Olyal said...

    What a crazy country you live in!!
    I thought that a bigger problem with selling the morning-after-pill over the counter would be idiotic women using it as a contraceptive rather than an "oops, I think my contraception failed so I need a super quick backup" measure, as it is intended to be.

    Good point about the boobs and the porn industry! :o)

    yellojkt said...

    The issue as it's being sold is "protect the children." "We don't know what a rush of hormones from this pill would do to a teenagers body." I think we know precisely the effect of hormones on teenagers.

    November Rain said...

    "We don't know what a rush of hormones from this pill would do to a teenagers body."

    that was the exact point I was about to make... I was in a total shocker when I came to Germany because you cant even get Tylenol with out a prescript here...

    These Birth control pills are not healthy quite alot of women who have used them have become steril (the ones mentioned in your post). The problem is that they are targeting a problem with a quick easy solution that is as bad as the problem.
    You have to ask yourself why is selling BC of any kind a question that has arised in the US. Unless suddenly it has become an issue. If it has why has it. Easy the US has the highest rate of teen pregnacies!!
    This excludes 3rd world contries btw..Why is it that in the US, in a country that is so industrial and developed and has the ability to educate its people the number of teen pregnacy is a shocker. My husband (not american) was 20 something when he had his first sexual experience and many women here when I say I was pregnant at 16-17 say WHAT... they didnt even have sex until 18. The other day a group of 10 girls at 17-18 visiting from different European contries asked me when I told them I was 16-17 when I was pregnant are all American girls that wild? (not that there isnt some pregnant teens here) So what are they doing here that we arent in the US? In European countries where the rate of Teen pregnacies are really low you find that sex education is provided in schools at 12/13.
    This isnt saying that it will illimated the problem all together but say if I had been better educated about my body and about sex at 12/13 Then I would have made better choices. How could my mom help me in her day Sex was a dirty word and you got your mouth washed out. It was a break through that she told me about my period. SO The other problem is parent communication. I have a 17 year old boy and 15 year girl. My girl has confided in me of being curious about sex and hey that is normal. Now I teach my daughter and talk to her about sex esp about the dangers. I keep an open communication and try to keep my poker face on when she comes to me about anything (that whay my shock or desire to hit panic button wont show and cause her to slam the communication door). I dont want to be a grandmother (yet) and I know she isnt ready for it. However am I being realistic if I say oh she will obstain? So do I teach her or tell her NO CONDOMS or NO BC Pills?
    Say I did as so many parents do and despite her best judgement she gave in. Am I ready to raise a granddaughter or to see my daughter take on something she isnt ready for. Or worse am I ready to bury my daughter becuase of AIDS!!
    It always bothers me to see women I grew up with whom I know gave new definitions to wild now with thier daughters. They have no communication and no understanding but also they deny what they did and how wild they was. I found that open the door with me and my daughter. If I told my daughter, "When I was your age I had feelings and like this boy. story etc.... And now I regret it and wish I hadnt...."
    My daughter says wow now I dont feel like a freak because I feel this way or that way and then she thinks about what I said and because of it she has told me about things that I would never tell my mom and comes to me when she needs advice...
    I learned from an experience with my nana ... my mom says Dont smoke!!!! or else and I did it even if I didnt want to
    same thing my Nana catches me smoking says Well I can only tell you from my experience. You are such and such age I cant be here forever it is time for you to learn to make dicisions (btw she had Native American in her and her beliefs had been passed down from her mom). My nana treated me as a person with intelligence and normally I would say Nana what do you think I should do...
    while I was with my Nana for 6 months I quit sadly I went back when I went back to live with my mom so I took how my nana spoke to me and I do this with my daughter and get the same reaction Mom what do you think I should do...

    Being a Teen is a passage, a time when they have to stop being a child and learn to an adult. If we stripped away all the mistakes we made and our regrets we would find the very things we use to define ourselves, our strengths and gifts fall away.

    What doesnt kill us makes us stronger. We can teach, care, love and guide our kids but in the end we have to let them go and let them make thier decisions.

    When we send our kids, our teens to schools and out in the world it is like putting them on a boat (would you send you kids out on a boat know it could sink without a lifeperserver?)
    Sadly most parents are against teaching thier kids about condoms or even will refuse BC pills.
    I dont my kids know I feel abstaining at thier ages is best but I will not deny them protection if that is the decision they make...

    I wondered for along time was it the right way... My son told me that a young woman he spent a large sum of money on for a romantic cruise in Fl (these is a small cruise boat you go out for 3 hours have dinner dancing then come back)
    She asked him to go to a place known for what in my day was called parking and he wouldnt he told her he was a virgin and was waiting not ness for marriage but for him to be sure

    He was upset at first because she broke up with him at school in front of everyone (he was 16 at the time and all the guys laughed because he was a virgin)
    he said Mom you told me how you gave into that kind of stuff and thought it would be better but you only regretted it so I tried to shrug it off then another girl came up to me (his GF now) and said I am glad I am not the only one

    You know mom I am glad I made that decision and you know what I didnt do it for him

    now with that being said I agree with yaeli as well

    Now on the breast implants... it wouldnt stop porn thier was porn long before implants

    I know women who have lost thier breast as a result of cancer and who cant afford them
    I dont expect men to understand what that can do to a women
    these models and such that really dont need it (I cant say I understand)
    I am certianly not in need of them in fact I would be happy to donate

    Sadly we live in a world that focus so much on the outer body rather than the inner so we are program that if we dont look a certain way then we are ugly. Women get these implants and other forms of surgery all in the name of beauty
    but to what end?

    Anonymous said...

    Flat-chested women UNITE!!!

    Anonymous said...

    An assortment of thoughts on the points you bring up here:

    I’ve taken the morning after pill twice. At my college, condoms were given out free, but they were not stored in a climate controlled building, and so they broke all the time. How great is that? Giving teenagers free but compromised condoms. Sounds like a cruel joke, no?

    Easy access to the morning after pill is a critical component of any health system that is serious about reproductive health. I feel strongly about that. I was responsible, I used condoms, I might have had a kid at 17. Taking the morning after pill is not easy, either. I was vomiting/ dry heaving non stop for twelve hours. I couldn’t even get a glass of water. The morning after pill made me, by far, the sickest I have ever been. Amebic dysentery has got nothing on a high dose of estrogen/progesterone.

    I started on orthotricylclin shortly after and got way depressed. Turns out this is a common reaction to hormonal birth control pills. A cursory look at my health record would have told the nurses that I am one of those women predisposed to depression who are specifically cautioned not to take birth control hormones. No other contraceptive options were ever presented to me. My roommate is very into the cervical cap, though the company that makes it has recently gone out of business due to a lack on interest in their product.

    Many women’s health providers don’t know about contraceptives other than hormonal birth control pills, and while I believe that these are an excellent choice for quite a few women, they don’t work for everyone.

    Moral of the story: there is much to complain about re the state of reproductive health in this country. Unlike our gracious host, I am unable to do so and be humorous at the same time.

    Anonymous said...

    I bet he resigned in shame after he read your blog.

    And has anyone informed the FDA that cigarettes are sold over the counter but can't be purchased by minors. Perhaps they might use the exact same friggin system for selling morning after pills.

    Of course, I think that morning after pills should be even more available to those 16 and under as presumably the the more of a child you are the less able you will be to care for your own child. But what do I know?

    carmilevy said...

    Yet another sign that the government is once again in meltdown. Sigh.

    Dropped in from Michele's tonight. Great to see that you're as thought-provoking and original as always. This would make a great editorial contribution to your local newspaper, I'm sure.

    Anonymous said...

    yellowjkt, the breast implant angle is pretty funny. it's the same logic as promoting viagra to the skies as a health aid (because men have a god-given right to a hard-on) while panicking about the morning after pill (because women who find themselves in a position of needing it are no doubt big sluts). i mean, if i had ED, i'd want viagra too, i'm sure, but it's an open secret that the little blue pill is used recreationally a lot, and no one complains that it would "promote sexual irresponsiblity" like anti-morning-after-pill types proclaim.


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