Monday, December 31, 2007

Best of 2007, Part 2

Best of 2007, Part 1 was posted back in June. This post covers July through December.

As I look over my posts since mid-year, I noticed that I have a couple of formulas I follow and several topics I tend to return to over and over again. Here’s my breakdown:

Politics. As the Dubya Administration winds down and the 2008 election gets in gear, I find myself doing more and more political bits. I had a long running feud with Alberto Gonzales beginning with the Torqueberto Top Ten. I also mocked other torture advocates, closeted congressmen, bug-eyed candidates,

Sex, Sex, and More Sex. I found newsworthy blog pegs to talk about sex by college kids, teenagers, senior citizens and porn stars.

Stalking Celebrities. I managed to hunt down William Gibson and Jennifer Garner.

Pop Culture. I handicapped the promising shows of the new season, only one of which stayed on the DVR to the end of the year, but I added Big Bang Theory because it gets the geek right. I also tried to predict the next geek icon to come out of the closet.

Comics. I find myself doing fewer and fewer comics related posts. With the Foobiverse grinding to a halt, my only major snark on it was about the Foobocalypse going out with a whimper. But I have immortalized my hero Ted Forth with his own Wikpedia entry.

Tweener TV. Every time I do a post that references obscure Nickelodeon shows I get a few concerned comments. What can I say? My obsession with the 10-14 demographic started when I discovered Clarissa Explains It All while watching my infant son when my wife was at night school classes. These shows are proving grounds for stars (and scandals) of the future. In my defense, even I was creeped out by the dozens of aspiring underage starlets that mistook one of my posts for an open casting call. Undeterred by this, I did a Sally Forth satire for the New Delhi Monkey Gang. And Jamie Lynn Presley’s condition made me ponder some Very Special Episodes.

Side Projects. I also started two more blogs in the past few months. My intermittently updated China Sights blog was an outgrowth of posts about my trip to China this summer, where among other things, I climbed the Great Wall. I have also made my obsession with Maureen Dowd into a continuing preoccupation with the Dowd Report.

Family Milestones. My son is a senior in high school and marched his last season. I try not to brag too much about him but sometimes I can’t hide my pride when things happen like getting accepted to my alma mater. November was rough on me. I had to say goodbye to my dog just after Thanksgiving and then just a little over a week later my grandmother passed away. That double punch hit me hard, but I’ve shaken off the funk and look forward to a better brighter 2008.

Stay with me. I’ve got plenty of ideas for the upcoming year and hope to even up my game a little.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: Let me know what your best post of the year was.


Elizabeth said...

I love reading your blog and I've really enjoyed the China Sights Blog. I love the pictures and descriptions! I'm sorry November was so rough on you and your family. I wish you peace and happiness for 2008. Happy New Year!
:o) Elizabeth

Francesco Marciuliano said...

And Ted Forth thanks you very much.

I hope you and your family have a very happy and healthy new year, yellojkt!

Anonymous said...

I have so little accuracy predicting the relative success or failure of any one of my posts. There are some that I think are going to gather me a bunch of replies and get nothing. Other, "throwaway" posts wind up creating a veritable hailstorm of responses, most of them via email. I'm just happy that someone's actually reading it.

Mariella said...

Jamie Lynn Spears?